Anna Netrebko’s North American role debut as Manon Lescaut, heard at the Metropolitan Opera on November 14, has earned the celebrated diva further praise for her account of Puccini’s ill-fated heroine.

“She came, she sang, she acted — oh, how she acted — and she conquered,” wrote the Financial Times. “The beloved diva sustained exquisite control of her vast vocal resources, enriching line after line with gleaming tone and subtle nuance.”

“If there remained doubts in anyone’s mind that Anna Netrebko ranks with the great divas of operatic history, last night’s performance of Puccini’s Manon Lescaut should dispel them completely,” added The Observer. “Netrebko’s volcanic singing and dazzling acting in this part made me feel like I was present at a world premiere.…As a goddess, Anna Netrebko wields the power to transform lead into gold.”

“She gave a bravura performance that included searing intensity and coquettish whim, often welded together in a single scene. A glint of steel was already apparent in her first appearance as a convent-bound ingénue simmering with suppressed passion,” noted the New York Times. “That the role of Manon should suit Ms. Netrebko at this point in her career, where her voice has gained alluring earthiness in the low register while maintaining the rainbow hues of her powerful top notes, should come as no surprise.”