Anna Netrebko completed this week a recital tour of an all-Russian programme that spanned Guangzhou, Shanghai, Paris, Naples and Vienna. Her recital in Italy inspired Dario Ascola in the Corriere della Sera to write, “Listening to Anna Netrebko is an event, it is an emotion that lingers even after leaving the theatre, satisfied, as one’s thoughts organize themselves to make room for her in one’s diary of precious memories, the kind that may even be enriched by a fictional anecdote, but certainly never fade…The recital by the soprano was a lesson in technique and expressiveness, she who is living a period of full vocal maturity that, while giving roundness and support to the lower register, subtracts nothing from the clarity of the high notes, emitted on several occasions with a thread that — not to the artist, but to the spectator — takes one’s breath away.” Video: ©Tim WANG/Shanghai Grand Theatre